• Reducing Pain And Temporarily Securing A Crown Before Being Seen By A Vail Dentist

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    December 20, 2016 /  Health Care & Medical

    If a dental crown becomes loose after biting into a hard piece of candy, discomfort can make it difficult to rest until a permanent repair can be made by a dentist. The following steps will assist with reducing pain and temporarily securing a crown.

    Materials Needed

    • aspirin
    • ice pack
    • glass of warm saltwater
    • magnifying mirror
    • surgical gloves
    • dental pick
    • dental putty kit

    Reducing Pain And Rinsing The Affected Area

    Aspirin and an ice pack can be used to minimize discomfort and numb the affected area. Ice will also help reduce swelling if it is applied to an individual’s facial skin soon after a crown loosens. A small amount of warm saltwater can be swished around in an individual’s mouth in the same manner that standard mouthwash is used. Salt will help prevent infection and can also be used as a pain reliever. A magnifying mirror will assist with inspecting the tooth that has a loose crown over it and ensuring that no food particle are stuck near the edges of the crown.

    Applying Putty To The Crown

    Surgical gloves should be worn in order to prevent the spread of germs. A small amount of dental putty should be kneaded between glove-covered fingers. Dental putty is a pliable product that will harden within a couple hours and will help hold a damaged crown in place. An applicator that comes with a putty kit can be used to flatten out putty so that it is an even thickness. Once putty has been applied to the edges of a crown, an applicator needs to be moved gently over the putty’s surface.

    Eating food or drinking beverages should be avoided until putty has hardened. Afterwards, an individual can go about their normal routine and may no longer experience discomfort. A vail dentist should be contacted at a person’s earliest convenience so that a new crown can be installed over a tooth. A dentist can identify any underlying reasons as to why a crown did not remain intact and will check with a patient to make sure that they are not experiencing any additional problems once a new crown is installed.

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